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Description: It's a new day.
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Length: 3min 20
Music: "Feeling Good" by Muse
Made for dani_california for Vidukon Auction 2016

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Description: Helena.
Fandom: Orphan Black
Length: 2min 08
Music: "Blood Makes Noise" by Suzanne Vega
Made for GianDujaKiss for Vidukon Auction 2015
thanks a lot to obsessive24 for quick beta/reassuring

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Happy birthday [info]millylicious !! And this is your present :

A Doctor/Rose mini-vid
Song : "On my way" by Cocoon
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This is what happens after 12 straight hours of vidding.

A happy mush bubble of Ned/Chuck.
Length: 1min 52
Music: "Le Manège" by Stanislas

Zipped-Avi Version 624x352 (30Mo)
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(.srt file, playable in most vid players): Lyrics subtitles file (english)

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Comments are love, as always :-)
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(a.k.a. hot boys dancing and making out)

Description : Brian/Justin. Dancin' and Lovin'. The clubbing life. A light look at the relationship.
Though the video features shots from all season, it mostly adress the season 3 spirit of the relationship.

Warning: PG-Something (you tell me) : lots of making out and scenes of sexual/sensual nature. if you're inconfortable with guys kissing each other, just skip this one :)

Zipped-Avi (768x464) - 67 Mo
Smaller version - Zipped-Wmv (22 Mo)
Streaming (Imeem)

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I hope you enjoy it. Feedbacks are love. :D
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It's done. Finally. I thought I would never finish this one with the source on a external hard drive that made impossible to have a preview sometimes... but whatever, it's done and out of my hands now. I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Description : This is an attempt at showing Starbuck's struggle through life and through her "destiny" path. It focus mainly on season 3 (spoiler for season 3 as a result).
Song: Headlights by Archive

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Length : 3min34

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Audio Commentary
As part of the whole "if you have questions on my vid process" meme, I did this commentary :)
Audio Commentary  (43 Mo)

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Description : Michael Centric with Lincoln and Sara. The video narrates the journey of Michael through Season 2 : running, dealing with regrets and mistakes and sacrifices. I hope it shows what lead him to do the sacrifices he made.

Music: "Elisium" and "Sorrow" by Hans Zimmer (Gladiator SoundTrack), "Running One" by Tykwer/Klimek/Heil

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I hope some of you will like it :). Feel free to leave a comment, it's greatly appreciated :)

Download (zipped WMV)

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This video is about the journey Michael had to go through to get his brother out of jail. Anger, Desperation, and Hope.
Song "Taste of Blood" by Archive.

I really hope you'll enjoy it :)

Download: (zipped wmv) :

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